Avoid These 3 Big Mistakes During the New Home Boom

Dated: September 22 2023

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Avoid These 3 Big Mistakes During the New Home Boom

As housing affordability improves and the shortage in existing homes continues, homebuyers are turning to new construction. As a homebuyer, you may be tempted to jump on the first available new home that suits your family, but before you do, there are three major mistakes you should be aware of.

Don’t visit builders alone. If you visit builders on your own, they have no obligation to deal with your real estate agent, and you will have lost the opportunity to have an advocate. Make sure you sign the builder’s visitor log and include your agent’s name and contact information. Builders use their own contracts that limit their liabilities and may not be in your best interests. Your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices real estate professional can vet your builder for you, help you save money, and help you through the underwriting process to closing. 

Don’t skip the inspection. Just because a home is new, doesn’t mean it’s without problems. A recent news report found that some homebuilders are “cutting corners” to produce homes faster. Protect yourself by demanding an inspection that covers all systems, fixtures and appliances in the home.

Don’t buy the model home. Model homes feature the most luxurious features to tempt you into adding upgrades. If these upgrades are done during the building process, and not after the home is completed, you’ll save a lot of money and prevent costly delays. Make sure the luxuries you get are in line with other homes being built or completed. 

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